March 13, 2019 @ 6:15 pm
Natomas School District Offices
1901 Arena Blvd
Sacramento CA 95834

The Natomas District will be holding a hearing to discuss the Pas Verde School Proposal.

The following information was provided by the Protect the Kids – A Coalition Opposing location of a School West of Westlake. Contact: [email protected]

Folks, Here is our fact sheet about the serious problems with the Paso Verde school proposal.  You can help get more attention to the proposal before the hearing on March 13.  The City, County, Airport and Natomas Basin Conservancy have all asked the District to look more seriously at other sites because of conflicts and consequences of this site.  I am appending two letters about airport noise – from the Airport and from a neighbor who is part of our coalition.

Protect The Kids – A Coalition Opposing Location of a School West of Westlake

Contact: [email protected]

What Families Should Know About Proposed Natomas Unified “Paso Verde School” west of Westlake: A Quick Summary

  • The Final EIR discloses noise and safety issues you should know about; find it at: https://natomasunified.org/departments/facilities-strategic-planning/ceqa-documents/
  • Today there are a total of 86 direct airplane overflights during school hours, averaging one every seven minutes, but more frequent during some time periods.
  • The single event outdoor noise levels (SELs) at the school site range from 61 to 89 A-weighted decibels, similar to a diesel truck at 50 feet at 50 miles per hour.
  • The EIR noise study documented eighteen noise events per hour, or one every four minutes, between 8 am and 3 pm.  (FEIR 2.2.6-11.)
  • To reduce the level of jet noise in the classrooms, the school’s windows will be inoperable, (FEIR p. 2.2.4-17)
  • The FEIR admits that the American Speech Language Hearing Association guidelines recommend that classroom background noise not rise above 30 decibels. (FEIR 2.2.4-16.) The EIR asserts that the school will be constructed in such a way as to prevent noise exceeding 40 decibels. What the FEIR does not acknowledge is the impacts on student learning of exceeding noise thresholds repeatedly throughout most school days. (70% of SMF’s outgoing flights take off to the south)
  • The NU School District has agreed to mitigate airport conflicts with “a notice to parents of students that all land within the school site, may be exposed to low and frequent airport overflights, aircraft noise, vibrations, fumes, dust, fuel particles and all other effects that may be caused by aircraft taking off from or operating at Sacramento International Airport.” (FEIR p. 2.2.6-13.)
  • The NU School District has not disclosed how it will safely evacuate 1,000 students and 45 staff in emergencies with only one dead end vehicle access road. The Final EIR says ” the District develops emergency plans that are tailored to each school, and will do so for Paso Verde . . . to ensure adequate preparation for any future event. ” (FEIR, p. 2.2.4-17)
  • The hearing is March 13, 1901 Arena Blvd in Natomas – ask the NUSD for hearing notice and updates at[email protected]or by calling (916) 561-5253.
  • The County, the Airport, the City, the Natomas Basin Conservancy and environmental groups have expressed their serious concerns about the negative impacts of this location.  They have asked that Alternative Sites B and C, located further from the airport, in the City of Sacramento and west of I-5,  be more thoroughly considered.
  • Email the NUSD Board members about this proposal at [email protected][email protected][email protected], [email protected][email protected]


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