The Natomas Community Association (NCA) aims to improve the quality of life within the Natomas Community. We do this by:




  • Providing community news, activities, and events of particular interest to the community.
  • Acting as a public forum for the free exchange of ideas by community residents, employees, and volunteers.
  • Connecting Natomas Citizens with public officials and policy members to solve issues and improve the community broadly.
  • Organizing and sponsoring meetings, gatherings, and events open to the general public to promote a sense of community spirit, to educate and inform members of the community on topics of both local and general interest
  • Bringing members of the community together in a social environment.
  • Supporting charitable and beneficial activities and organizations in the community.




We generally meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and have started to hold these meetings online due to the Coronavirus. You can find information about these meetings on our Home Page or on the Event Calendar.  In between meetings we keep our community updated via our website, or Facebook page. If there is anything that you need or that should be communicated to our community that isn’t, please reach out to us via email at: [email protected] or [email protected] Our Board of Directors:




President – Sachiko Konatsu
Vice President – Terrell Grant
Vice President – Noel Mora
Treasurer – Elton Seagraves
Secretary – Magen Hernandez
Board Members: Dan Aberholt, Noel Mora, Kenji Ellsworth, William Eberheart