Our current road closure of Garden Highway between Interstate 5 and Gateway Oaks Dr is set to end this weekend, reopening this section of roadway on Saturday, June 20

A new road closure of Garden Highway between Truxel Rd and the Interstate 5 northbound ramps will begin on Monday, June 22. This will be a 24 hour, 7 days a week full closure of the roadway. Detour signage will be in place directing drivers around the closure via Truxel Rd, West El Camino Ave, and Gateway Oaks Dr, and vice versa. Access to Interstate 5 on- and off-ramps will be open from west side of I-5. Access to Discovery Park from Garden Highway/Natomas Park Dr will be closed.


Last year, construction crews completed installation of the seepage cutoff wall between Northgate Blvd and Natomas Park Dr. On June 20, installation of the seepage cutoff wall between Gateway Oaks Drive and Interstate 5 will be complete. In order to create a continuous seepage cutoff wall, crews now have to complete the section between Natomas Park Dr and Interstate 5. This is the last section of flood risk reduction work for this phase of the project.


Garden Highway, west of Interstate 5 to Gateway Oaks Dr, will reopen to traffic beginning Saturday, June 20. Vehicles exiting Interstate 5 from either direction will be able to travel west.

 Garden Highway, east of Interstate 5 to Truxel Rd, will be closed to traffic beginning Monday, June 22. Vehicles exiting/entering Interstate 5 will need to use the designated detour route. This closure is scheduled to continue until August 31, 2020. 

What are the detours to get around this work?

Detour signage is posted along surface streets beginning at the Interstate 5 Garden Highway off-ramp. Drivers trying to access locations east of Interstate 5 are advised to exit at West El Camino Ave, travel east, turn right onto Truxel Rd, and then turn left onto Garden Highway. Drivers trying to reach Interstate 5 from locations east of I-5 will be detoured onto Truxel Rd, turn left onto West El Camino Ave and then enter I-5 South. Drivers trying to go north are advised to follow the same detour, exiting onto Garden Highway and then re-entering the northbound lanes. The attached map shows the detours to get around this closed section of Garden Highway.

Will I be able to access Discovery Park during this upcoming closure?

Access through the Garden Highway/Natomas Park Dr entrance will be closed. Access to Discovery Park from Jibboom St will not be impacted by our project.

When will the bike path under Interstate 5 be reopened?

The bike path under Interstate 5 runs atop the levee in this vicinity. Our construction on the west and east sides of the highway both require the closure of the bike trail here to complete seepage cutoff wall installation. The bike trail will be reopened upon completion of this segment of work. Until then, cyclists will continue to be detoured around the closure via Gateway Oaks Dr, West El Camino Ave, and Truxel Rd, and vice versa.