Vision Zero and Northgate Boulevard Signaling Projects

This campaign is citywide and aims to improve traffic safety around schools. 10 Corridors throughout the city have been identified for safety improvements. Northgate Blvd has been identified as needing improvements and is number 6 on the list. Their focus will be to reduce speed limits around the schools located on Northgate Blvd. These include Smythe Academy and Garden Valley Elementary.

Schools were chosen based on the number of collisions within a .25 mile radius. Traffic Investigation Staff worked together with school administration to assess traffic and pedestrian safety. Some of the specific improvements include improved cross walks, red curbs, and reduced Speed Limits of 15 MPH.

An additional $2 Million in Funding was secured by Councilmember Harris for neighborhood improvements in South Natomas and Northgate. Some of this funding will be dedicated to installing/improving traffic signals at Rio Tierra and Haggin Avenue. These projects are designed to compliment the work that will be taken under the Vision Zero Campaign. The Rio Tierra work will be coupled together with the Vision Zero money to reduce costs