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Stop Copper Theft

Stop Copper Theft

The Dept. of Utilities and Neighborhood Services/Special Events and SacPD need your help to curb the trend.

Missing covers

Cement covers conceal copper wire for electrical units such as street lights and traffic signals. Odds are a theft has occurred if the cover is missing or is left overturned.

City Seal

For legitimate repair work, a white pickup truck with the City of Sacramento seal on it and workers with City identification will be present.

Since last year and continuing, thousands of feet of copper wire have been stolen from street lights and traffic signals throughout the city. Thefts have occurred during all hours of the day and night.

The replacement cost for the wire is tallied at hundreds of dollars and climbing, not including labor and other associated costs.

Call 911 if you see someone tampering with electrical covers.

If you don't see the act in progress but do see missing/overturned covers or other wire thefts, please contact the Department of Utilities, 916-808-5454.