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08/22/11 - ALERT

Be on the look out during late night hours for the following armed suspect :

Male Black Adult, 20’s 6 feet, 200LBS +, Beer Belly, White Hoodie sweatshirt,

He has been active in the South Natomas (Yarwood/Azevedo & Sandcastle) and North Natomas (Kokomo Wy) between 11:30 PM and 1:30 AM. He has entered on three occasions through open/unlocked doors and targeted people who appeared from the outside to be awake and active, or in one case were returning home from a late night trip to the store.

If you are someone who is out and about during those hours please call us if you see someone who matches that description.

SPD officers have stepped up patrols and are actively investigating all leads and tips.

If you observe a crime in progress call 9-1-1 (732-0100 from your cell phone). For non-emergency incidents, call (916) 264—5471