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I have some updates on reported crime rates as of 8-7-11. These numbers reflect the percentage change when compared to this time last year.

Sector 1 (North Natomas, South Natomas, Northgate/Gardenland)= -34.75%
Sector 2 (North Sacramento, Del Paso Heights, Hagginwoood, Swantston Estates, Robla)= -31.14

Residential Burglary:
Sector 1= -5.38%
Sector 2= -15.20%

Business Burglary:
Sector 1= -38.10%
Sector 2 = -15.65%

Sector 1= +66% (from 3 this time last year to 5 so far this year)
Sector 2= -22% (from 9 this time last year to 7 so far this year)

Assault with a deadly weapon:
Sector 1= + 42.86% (from 7 this time last year to 10 so far this year)
Sector 2= -61.54% (from 39 this time last year to 15 so far this year)

Shooting into an inhabited dwelling:
Sector 1= +400% (from 1 this time last year to 5 so far this year)
Sector 2= -53% (from 15 this time last year to 7 so far this year)

Shooting into a vehicle:
Sector 1= -33% (from 3 this time last year to 2 so far this year)
Sector 2= -14% (from 7 this time last year to 6 so far this year)

-So with the exception of some selected violent crimes, things in general reflect improvement. The only crime type which may be effected by "under reporting" due to changes (effective 7-1-11) in our response to take reports would be residential and business burglaries. Our report protocols were unchanged for all others.

The officers have had some great arrests based on calls received from you! This last week in North Natomas word of a suspicious vehicle was spread throughout the community via every means:

Officers responded to the Magnolia Park site after a citizen reported a suspicious occupied vehicle. The complainant had read a recent report in the Natomas Buzz about a similar vehicle that was possibly related to an attempt burglary in the area. Officers determined the car was stolen, and found GPS units, multiple cell phones, laptop computers, and other evidence of auto burglaries. Also, one suspect was in possession of several packages of heroin. Three MWA’s were taken into custody. The investigation is continuing.

Be On Look Out:
-Increased gang activity in the Gardenland area. Please call if you see trouble brewing near parks or other area where they congregate. Our Officers are working the situation....
- Copper thieves stripping from vacant homes and businesses....just because they have a truck and a tool belt/hard hat does not mean they are legit...don't hesitate to call if they are pulling out wire or taking parts out of AC units .

-Come on Out!
Saturday 8-13-11 from 10AM to 2:00PM @ Inderkum High School, 2500 New Market Drive.
"11th Annual Healthy Kids Day", health info, screening, Tdap shots (7-12 graders gotta have it!)
our Officer John Banks will be there checking car seats and has bike safety info....Supported by: Councilmember Angelique Ashby, County Supervisor Phil Serna & Assemblymember Dr. Richard Pan.....