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Message from the North Command:

I recently returned from vacation and learned that we had two different homicides in the North Sacramento area. The first occurred on 7-21-11 in the 3500 Block of High St. as was the result of a drug transaction gone bad and the suspect is in custody.

The second occurred on 7-30-11 in the 900 block of North Ave and was the result of an earlier confrontation between individuals who were claiming gang affiliations. Again, our Officers and Detectives did a great job and suspects are in custody. While these tragic events are unacceptable they exemplify the most common theme to the vast majority of homicides and serious assaults in our City: high risk/violent lifestyles involving drugs and gangs. Statistically, those not in those lifestyles are at very low risk of violent crime.

On a more positive note, it was great to see all of the many folks who came out for "National Night Out" this last week on Tuesday. Hopefully someone from SPD stopped by if you had an event. We are also working on a new means to provide "Neighborhood Watch" training and initiation for those areas or groups who do not have something in place.

In the meanwhile the point of contact who has taken over the tracking and email of community groups or neighborhood watch is our multi talented/tasked Analyst Jeanette Bonner of our Station. If you want to have your group added, she may be contacted or if you have questions :

[email protected] or you may reach her at 916-566-6401.

I have reviewed recent crime stats and see nothing trend wise that is worthy of special notice. Since the July 1, 2011 policy changes it is clear that more than 60% of the burglary reports that are coming in are via internet reporting. The great unknown is the level of under reporting that may be occurring with folks who do not report. So, while things look good it may be deceiving....

Thanks to all, Jim