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Welcome to the Natomas Community Association

Serving all of Natomas

The NCA is a volunteer, non-profit group formed 25 years ago to improve the quality of life in Natomas, and the unincorporated areas in the Natomas Basin of Sacramento County, and to communicate our needs to City and County decision makers.

Any person who resides, or is employed, in Natomas (north of the American River and west of Steelhead Creek), is automatically a member. The NCA's 16 directors are elected members who pledge to volunteer at least 3 hours a month, in addition to monthly Board meetings, to achieve NCA goals. Eight directors are elected at the annual meeting each January and hold office for two years.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Natomas Community Association to participate in community planning, promote community service cohesion, enhance economic and educational opportunities, and support the residents and business community of the Natomas region.

Monthly Meetings & Town Halls

All residents are invited to attend monthly NCA board meetings to learn about community issues, share concerns, and explore means to resolve issues to the benefit of the entire community. They are held at the South Natomas Community Center, 2921 Truxel Road on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:00 pm. (For dates of each meeting, please see calendar above.) The NCA frequently hosts "town halls" and "meet and greets." These are events which feature a community topic of interest, local elected officcials or others, and may include debates, presentations and question and answer sessions.

What We Do

To the extent reasonable, provide news activities and events of particular interest to the community; notice to community residents of hearings and proceedings by public agencies affecting the community, and act as a public forum for the free exchange of ideas by community residents and employees; b) Organizing and sponsoring meetings, gatherings and events open to the general public to promote a sense of community spirit, to educate and inform members of the community on topics of both local and general interest, to bring members of the community together in a social environment, and to support charitable and beneficial activities and organizations in the community; c) With respect to proceedings of any and all public agencies or bodies having jurisdiction over matters affecting or otherwise relating to the community; providing a focal point for appropriate public notice to community residents; identifying community consensus, opinions, and concerns; monitoring the progress of public proceedings, and reporting to the community and providing public testimony at hearings on behalf of community interests; d) With respect to community quality of life issues; acting as focal point for community residents and employees to address localized issues of concern to them and their fellow community members; to act as a clearinghouse for the purpose of sharing and publicizing such concerns and conveying them, as appropriate and necessary, to other public interest organizations, public officials, public agencies, the courts, and/or the media; and, e) Furnishing an organizational structure to facilitate access by community members to democratic institutions and processes as a means for resolving community quality of life issues for the benefit of the community. The following are our committee activities: education, parks, planning, flood, crime and safety, and communication and outreach.In addition, we support the Natomas Relay For Life, Natomas Community Festival and the annual Chamber of Commerce Tree Lighting Celebration. At this year's festival, we sponsored a booth, set up displays of community maps, projects, took suggestions and held a fund raiser raffle for the NCA's education scholarship program for local high school students.


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