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Communications Committee

Current Issues:

  • Research, development and implementation of School Resources information (DONE 8/2013)
  • Research, development and implementation of Youth Activities information (In Progress)
  • Research, development and implementation of Charitable Organizations information
  • Seeking two three volunteers to assist the committee with the above assignments
  • Promoting community exposure, elected representative engagement, and support for economic development.


The Communications Committee was created by the Board in March 2009. The primary purpose of this committee is to facilitate external communication between the Board of Directors and other community stakeholders including neighborhood/community associations, municipal services, and elected officials.  The committee is also charged with the implementation of technology for association purposes, which includes the maintenance of the Association's website.  Finally, the committee seeks new ways to provide information and outreach to the ever expanding demographics in the Natomas Community-At-Large.


Members: Curtis Vandermolen(Chair), Molly Fling, Candice Hatch, vacancy (3).

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